Taking inspiration from the classic New Zealand verandah,

Waterfall Gunnns Lowe has extended the concept to a unique Parnell development.


Onethree Cheshire

Articulating the verandah for a contemporary context

Project Description

Designed with its surroundings in mind, this minimal building has a generous central courtyard that acts as a focal point for the living spaces. A key feature of OneThree Cheshire is the use of intricate decorative screens that enclose the deck areas of most apartments, creating an outdoor room that is protected from the elements and usable all year round.

Project Details


about us


Waterfall Gunns Lowe Architects Ltd. was formed in 2011, and is the amalgamation of the talents and skills of Matthew Waterfall, Hamish Gunns and Kit Lowe. We run a small studio at the edge of the harbour in Auckland, New Zealand. We are committed to delivering intelligently conceived and well executed projects.

Design Philosophy

We look to the particularities of each project, its program, budget, physical and cultural contexts, to identify the most important issues to which the architecture responds. We bring a public mindedness to the work, with each project considered within its broader contemporary environment, its impact on the public domain, sustainability, infrastructure and landscape.


We are fortunate enough to have received a number of National awards, which is always humbling.

Subalpino, Shanghai.

Best Design Awards - Gold

The Sub, Auckland.

Best Design Awards - Gold

NZ Wood Timber Design Awards - Interior Fitout

NZ Wood Timber Design Awards - Sustainabilty


We are a NZIA Practice, and are Registered Architects.


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Old Sofrana House, Level 3, 18 Customs Street East